Monday, January 14, 2008

Scalloped Purses

Here's another fun project that you can make with your Mega Scalloped Circle Punches! It would make a perfect gift for Valentine's Day--although it is very tiny so you can't fit too much inside of it!

Basically it is just two scalloped punches, scored in half, glued together (one inside and one outside), and embellished!

This is what the back side of the purse looks like:

And here you can see how tiny this purse is! See the quarter in front of it!

Paper: TAC Cha Cha Paper; Stamps: TAC Love Doodles & Ordinary Greetings; Inks: L'Amore Red & Cote d'Azure Palette Inks; White Pen: White Gel Xtreme Pen; Sparkle Red (around heart): Stardust Glitter Gel Pen; Other: black brads, ribbon, glue


Sonya said... the purse..the bright colors are so fun. You did a great job.

btw..Ive tagged you..hehe


kssdesigns said...

Jen, my first reaction when I saw your purse, was NO WAY. That has got to be the CUTEST purse I have ever seen made out of paper! I've been trying to figure out what little Valentine's goody I would do for the girls at work and I think this is going to be it. Thanks for the great idea!!!

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