Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry CHRISTmas!

Jen Carter Jesus, Mary & Joseph

This card says it all.  The birth of baby Jesus. The foretelling of the Messiah.  The birth in a lowly manger.  A young mom who was willing to be part of God's big plan.  A young father who obeyed the Lord even when it didn't make sense.  Even when following God's plan wasn't politically correct, even all of those years ago.  Of a Lord who gave up everything to come here to give up even more.

I always leave you with a video or two on Christmas day that tells the story of Christmas.  Today I have two for you that I think you will enjoy and will help you reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

What really struck me as I watched this video was the Wise Men's response to the Baby Jesus.  They were looking for a star to lead them.  With faith they set out on a very long journey. They gave up everything they were doing at the time to go worship the Christ.  They left their home, their families, their friends, their comfort because it was so important for them to see this baby that had been prophesied. And when they got there they found a baby, a tired mom and a new dad.  They looked just like any other family.  Yet, by faith, they offered gifts and they worshiped the baby boy.  The Christ.  They didn't question if this WAS the Christ.  They knew.  How simple faith is.  How simple the gift of salvation.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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