Saturday, March 28, 2009

Roundup Swaps

I attended an event in Salina, KS last weekend called Kansas Roundup for TAC Angels. I wanted to share some of the card swaps that I received and the one that I gave out.

The card shown above was the swap card that I started to make. I soon realized however that attaching 60 yellow buttons (and finding 60 yellow buttons of the correct size proved difficult too!) was going to take a while! So, I opted for version two, shown below.

The stamp set is none other than the "Victorian Elements" that you've been seeing a lot of on my blog lately. The sentiment is from "Little Things". This card measures 4x4.

I received about 50 or so swap cards from other Angels, so there is no way that I can share them ALL with you but here is a small sampling of what I got.

Laurie Willison

Diane Hershberger

Elaine Winstead (Isn't her coloring gorgeous?)

Julie Griffith (This is made using the April Stamp of the Month)

Heather Scott

Marie Gruenberger (Card Closed)

Marie Gruenberger (Card Open--How Clever)

Beverly Rocky

Karla McConnell

Christine Bennett

Gloria Albertson

Debi Urbanek

Diane Hershberger

Aren't these swaps all great? I thought they were and I wanted to share them with you too! Quite a few of them were made from new stamp sets featured in the Serendipity Magalogue so if you don't have your own copy yet and would like one, they are $3. Let me know if you *need* one!!


Laurie said...

These swaps are so fun! I love yours! So cute!

Melisa Waldorf said...

Awesome cards ladies!!

Chris said...

What a lovely batch of cards...thanks for sharing them with us. :)

Beth Norman said...

The card you gave out is awesome.

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