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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Retro Celebrate!

Hey everyone!  I wanted to play along with the newest Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge #237.  I went bright for this one!

Retro Celebrate

I added a lot of layers to make this card but I think it turned out pretty fun!  I cut the Diagonal Stripe 3x4 Photo Card from Frantic Stamper 9 times to make my frame.  It sounds like a lot but it cut out quickly. This is how I stacked the frame:  black on bottom and then going up toward the top it was pink, black, green, black, blue, black, yellow & I finished with another black one on top.  

Retro Celebrate Side Closeup 1

I had a really  hard time photographing the dimension but with each colored layer I stair stepped the layers so that each color was farther toward the top.  So, when I added the pink layer it is way on the bottom of the stack.  When it was time to add the green stripe it was stacked on top of 4 layers so it was closer to the top than what the pink layer was.  The blue layered stripe was stacked on top of 6 layers and the yellow layered stripe was stacked 7 high. 

Retro Celebrate Side Closeup 2

I thought it was fun how you can see the colored layers in between the black layers.  Adds just tiny pops of color in unexpected places and adds dimension and texture.

Retro Celebrate Side

The glittery celebrate and stars are from the Stars & Stripes Photo Card, also from Frantic Stamper.

The Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge sketch that I used was:

Thanks for visiting!  Have a great week!

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