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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sending you Love Janelle!

Today we are having a blog hop for a very special person, Janelle. (Details on how you can participate are at the bottom of this post!!) Many of you may know her.  I know her as an online friend and count myself very fortunate to have the honor to "share" in her journey as she travels down a very hard path fighting a brain tumor.  You know those kind of people who inspire you and encourage YOU during THEIR difficult times?  Yeah, she is one of those!  Her posts are uplifting, even while bearing news that is difficult.  Her posts bring me closer to God, even through tears.  She is a women who I can only hope to be like if I were to ever be going through such a difficult period.

But, instead of me TELLing you, let Janelle herself SHOW you!  This is an excerpt from her Show & Tell blog on her February 28th post:

"Psalm 44:5-7a

"Only by your power can we push back our enemies; only in your name we can we trample our foes. I do not trust in my bow; I do not count on my sword to save me. You are the one who gives victory over my enemies;..."

This is one of those verses where I use a little leeway and plug my words in to make the verse make more applicable to me: "Only by the Lord's power can we push back this brain tumor; only by His name can we trample this disease that's trying to kill me. I'll take the treatments, but I won't count on them to save me. Only the Lord will give me the victory over my disease."

And, that's how I make a verse personal to me."

Reading Janelle's blog is like reading an excerpt from one of my best devotional books.  She is so inspiring and so full of faith!  As often as she can not only does she share a verse that has been spoken directly into her heart, but she also shares a card or project that she has made.  I can only imagine how many people she has ministered to through this difficult illness!

So today, we celebrate Janelle and the beautiful gifts that she has given to everyone who has had the opportunity to be a part of her story, whether in person or online through her blog.  We celebrate her husband, Ken, who is faithfully at her side during the good and the bad.  And we celebrate her family who stands by her as well.

This card is for her, for them.

Janelle, Ken & family we love and support you! We pray for your healing!

I want to close this post with more words directly from Janelle's blog posted on February 26th that really spoke to my heart about my own obedience to the Lord and what He is calling me to do or accept. Janelle writes:

"I want to be obedient to the Lord. But I am selfish. I also want to live. Maybe God will allow me to live a long life. But maybe He has other plans for me. I have to be willing to accept that. And so do those who love me. That's a tough one, isn't it? One that I'm continually having to work on. How about you?"
**If you would like to participate in this blog hop for Janelle and make a card for her letting her know you are thinking about her, you can link your card on Laurie's blog. **


  1. Very pretty, Jen! I love the banner strips!

  2. Jen this is so pretty! I loved reading your post and your card is amazing! Great texture!

  3. Jen, This is a beautiful card for Janelle, but more importantly a lovely devotional to her. Your faith and support of her show through your lovely comments. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  4. What a beautiful card Jen. I love the colors that you chose and the impression plate in the background. Subtle, but pretty.

  5. Beautiful!
    Love the colors...
    the banners...
    the frame...
    just beautiful!
    And your post...
    a truly perfect post for Janelle.
    She is a true example of life and love...
    and utter devotion and faith...
    an extraordinary example for us all! :)

  6. Beautiful card and beautiful post Jen. I totally agree with you that reading Janelle's blog is like reading an excerpt from a devotional book. She is definitely inspiring!

  7. Such a beautiful card, and such kinds words as well.

  8. Beautiful card, beautiful words to go along with it. Hearing the words directly from Janelle was so touching.

  9. Your card and your post are both beautiful and elegant. Thank you for sharing these words.

  10. So beautiful and elegant! Love everything about this card and what a great idea for the banners, just fabulous.

  11. This is great design on a CAS card! I've fallen in love with these colors, too! What an inspirational post.

  12. Wonderful card Jen! I'm so glad you posted some of Janelle's words here. I'm amazed by every post she has written since her diagnosis. You are so right about it being like a devotional.

  13. Such pretty colors, and what a wonderful way to pay tribute to Janelle!

  14. SO BEAUTIFUL Jenn ........ I adore those colors together. JUST PERFECT!!!

  15. Jen this is such a sweet card. I agree with you , Janelle has been so inspiring throughout all of this. I sure miss hearing from her or getting her emails. Beautiful!

  16. I spy impression plate work and it is perfect here! I love the balanced flags on the sides too, Jen. She will love this!

  17. This is just lovely! Love the little ribbon and buttons on the sides.

  18. What a beautiful card and such a beautiful blog post!!! You have truly touched my heart!!!

  19. Perfect Jen!! Janelle will LOVE this!!

  20. Beautiful card! Love the flowers peaking in from the corner.

  21. What a beautiful card! I love those banner ends with the buttons.

    What a wonderful gesture. Your friend sounds like a very strong woman. Please know she will be in my thoughts.

  22. Jen this post touched me more than I can say. What beautiful words for Janelle.And a card to match :)

  23. Thank you Jen, I am going to try my best to send a comment to Everybody participating in this Blog Hop. We appreciate the encouragement.
    Ken (&Janelle) Hayes

  24. Hi Jen!

    Your post is so touching! I think the snippets you pulled out from mom's blog were so perfect. It is amazing how many people have been touched by her honesty/words. IT is all such a blessing.

    Your card is great! love the quirky one rounded corner... That is "such a Janelle" thing :)

    Thanks for being part of the BlogHop and for showing support for my mom

    - Britt Freeman (Janelle & Ken's daughter)

  25. Jen this is beautiful! I think those flowers are my most favorite yet! Love love how you did the split banner!!!!
    So glad you all did this hop for Janelle and wish I could have participated. I'm sure this touched her more than we know.


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