Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rings! Rings!

**This is my 2nd post today.  To see the Twinery/PTI Color Comparison post, please scroll down**

Hey everyone!! Just wanted to pop in with a quick post to show the rings I've added to my Etsy store, Jen's Ink Spot today!

Love the color of this ring!  I purchased these buttons at a local store owned and operated by the sweetest Holderman lady!  Her daughter designs many of the buttons that they carry so they are very unique!  This one has white/silver flowers printed onto the button. 

Very similar to the popular black & silver Disco Dance ring that I also carry in my shop, this one packs a little bit more of a punch with a hot pink blingy button!

If you want to show some team spirit, this ring is a great way to do that! 

This ring is one of my all time favorites but the button pictured in the center of the ring is now discontinued.  :(  But, no need to fear, the button pictured on the left, which is very similar, will be used as its replacement.

I've also renewed a lot of rings that have sold back into my shop!  So have some fun and take a look around! :)

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Amy Kolling said...

You know I tried to comment on this in Aruba but it must not have gone through. Your rings just keep getting better and I adore all the fun names!!

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