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Sunday, October 30, 2011

NEW Rings!!

Hey everyone!! I finally had a chance to add some new rings to my Etsy shop, Jen's Ink Spot, today!! I really am excited about them and hope you are too!  It is getting close to Christmas!  My button rings and/or adjustable rings would make GREAT and UNIQUE Christmas gifts!!

My button rings are made to order to the size you need!  They are not adjustable in size once they are made.

The main button in this ring is made from 50-60% recycled plastic.

The perfect accessory for Christmas or holiday clothing or events!

This is one pretty button!!

Beautiful mint green stones!

Such a fun shape! Love the bling!

You can see all of my button rings here!

I also have a few more adjustable resin rings!  These are not sized to fit, but are adjustable and fit most fingers size 6 and up.

You can see all of my adjustable resin rings here!

To see everything in my Etsy shop, Jen's Ink Spot, visit here!

Thank you for taking a look!! I hope you enjoy the new rings!  Have a great day!


  1. wow those rings are too fun... Love the bright colors..

  2. these rings are so stunning Jen!!! love them!!!

  3. I love all the rings you posted today .......... I have 3 favorites....... I have to go to the store and see what I want to do!! I am wearing my ring today :)

  4. I absolutely love the fuschia dome ring Jen! Where did you find that button?

  5. Oh Jen! Your rings are just so fabulous. :)


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