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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fringe Flower Gift Idea

I can hardly believe that Christmas is on our heels!  Where did the time go!  I've been thinking about Christmas gifts and what I am going to give this year.   The project I am going to share today was created for the Lil' Inker Fall Release but I haven't shared it yet.  I think that these would make great gifts!

I used the Lil' Inker Designs Fringe Flower die and rolled it with pink felt.  I stitched a little bit of yellow onto the end of the pink felt to make a yellow center when the flower was rolled.  I used the Original Pinwheel die to make the leaves and hot glued two of them onto the backside of the flower.  Then, I attached the flower to a large paperclip.

 If you make these for gifts, you could custom make the colors to the person's personality.  You can mix colors too as I will show you a little later.  If you are giving a gift or a gift certificate to a book store, this would compliment that nicely.  Or, if you wanted, you could use this to decorate the outside of your package too.

How about one more sample?

I LOVE mixing the two colors of felt together to make a flower that is full of color! I have a tutorial on how this works below. 

Here's what the backside of the flower looks like after I attached it to the paperclip:

I cut a circle with felt and then hot glued it onto the back of the paperclip.  This makes it look finished and hides all the pieces.

I hope you enjoyed this project and tutorial!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. So so cute Jen! And you're right... Christmas isn't too far off! Yikes!

  2. Gorgeous flowers, Jen! love the double color ones :) Great work.

  3. It is lovely! Thanks for the tutorial. I will try it for sure! Greetings.

  4. These are so so sweet Jen! LOVE bookmarks and these would bring a smile to my face every time I opened my book!

  5. Whoa, this is just stunning! What a beautiful idea. I love your creativity, Jen. The double coloured flower is fabulous!

  6. I've made some of these bookmarks for gifts too- planning on more for holidays- but SOOO cute with that die!!

  7. Jen, I just love the idea of using the Fringe Flower Die to make these beautiful and fun bookmarks or for fun gift packaging!
    The fact that you thought to use 2 colors together is just so different and creative and I just love it!!!

  8. Fun fun fun! Thanks for showing us how to make a dual colored fringe flower! I think these are sweet little gifts!!!

  9. Fringe Flower Gift Idea is amazing. They are so cute. I can even send those fringe flower gift online to my best friend. She will love it.


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