Monday, August 22, 2011

Scor-Pal Rainbow & Preschool

Hey!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  It sure goes fast doesn't it!?

Today is a hard day for a momma.  It's Sadie first day of Preschool.  Wow.  I thought I was ready for this day...even looking forward to it!  But the house is so quiet now.  Too quiet.  It's weird.  And sad.  My baby girl is growing up fast!

I have to admit I'm struggling a little.  Ok, a lot! :)  I think the flood gates could open at any moment!  But even as I am typing this, I realize that I pick her up in just 45 minutes and things will be back to normal.  I'll probably just squeeze her a little bit tighter and give her extra kisses this afternoon!

 I wanted to share another Lil' Inker Designs Rainbows & Clouds card that I made.

I wanted to use very rich, non-traditional colors for this card.  Have you ever seen a Fall rainbow?  I'd say that this qualifies for one :)  I used the stairstep look similar to what I did on this card except this time I just staggered where the rainbow started to make a full rainbow. 

At each section, I popped up the part that would be on the left side of the rainbow with pop dots and then layered the other end flat against the card.  I continued to do that until I came to the last layer.

After I had assembled the entire rainbow, I took my clear glimmer mist and sprayed it to give it a shine.  It adds a fun effect to the rainbow.  I also sprayed the sentiment strip as well.

So, I just have to ask!  Have you purchased the Rainbows & Clouds set yet?  If not, head on over!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this set!!!  Isn't that sentiment cute too?  That is included in the Rainbows & Clouds stamp set!!

Have a great day!!  Thanks for coming by!!


Laurie said...

I can't believe it! She is so big! It seems like you were JUST pregnant! Time sure flies! She was so cute at lunch the other day playing on my phone!

Your card is too cute! I love the scor-bug detail! I just posted today how I am going to have to cave and buy those dies! So cute!

Kara said...

how cute is she?? i'm sure she'll love least until about 5th grade HA! great card so unique!!

Suzanne said...

Jen, she is so precious! I hope she loved it! And hugs to you! You are such a great mom and she's gonna do just fine. :)

Lindsay said...

So so sweet! She looks like a big girl ready for adventure!

Your card is super fun Jen! I LOVE what you did with that rainbow, how clever!

Jay Gee said...

Sad in a way to see her starting school, but think of all the craft time you now have! Love your card Jen, the rainbow is amazing and the scoring is a wonderful touch :)

Lynn said...

Jen, Your Sadie is absolutely adorable. I love her sweet little belt! I'm sure she'll soar at school. My youngest starts kindergarten this week. Hard to believe! Time goes so quickly! Hope we can meet up in a few weeks when I am in KC!

PS Love your card too!

Emily Leiphart said...

Sadie is ADORABLE, Jen! I can imagine how you must feel. I will feel that way in a year when Damian goes off to kindergarten! Your stepped rainbow cards are amazing. I love the darker and bold colours you've used here!

Amy Kolling said...

I know we've already talked how you are doing with the first day but I didn't tell you how cute Sadie is here! Oh my! Her first day of school outfit is adorable that little belt! What an awesome first day picture with the chalk drawing! I need to do that next year!

Your rainbow card is another rainbow masterpiece! So many ideas you have had and have brought them to life. Love the glimmer misting soo much!!!

Lisa Petrella said...

AWESOME rainbow card!!! I'm really going to have to buy those dies!!! And it's all your fault...HA! You just keep on doing the most fabulous projects with them!!! And such a cute photo of your little Sadie!! Hope her first day of preschool was super fun!!!

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