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Friday, July 2, 2010

Etsy Shop Now Open

I have been working this week to open an Etsy shop.  I don't have it "full" yet, but there are several of my button rings and a few cards available for purchase there!  You can visit my store, Jen's Ink Spot (by JenniferDCarter) by clicking here

I've made a few new rings that I wanted to share with you real quick.

First, these are soooo cute!! My daughter who is 2 years old, gets so excited when she sees me playing with my buttons.  She runs over and says that she wants to help Momma.  So, today I decided she needed a ring. 

Isn't that so cute?  It's a size 1!  Too adorable!  We went to the post office not long after I made this for her and she told the postal clerk "Momma made me new ring."  It was so sweet! Just melted my heart.  She was so proud!

Those can be purchased in my Etsy shop here

And, here are a few other rings that I added to my shop:

This one is such a gorgeous purple marble!  Love it!!

And, this one is one that goes with almost anything!  Just a nice, neutral ring with a dark brown wire.

All of these rings can be purchased through my Etsy shop, Jen's Ink Spot.  I'd love if you took a look!  Let me know if you have any questions!!  And, for those of you who are here to see a card and not a ring, I promise I'll post a new card very soon! Thanks for stopping by!!  I'd love to hear what you think!


  1. Congrats on the Etsy shop, Jen! Your rings and cards look fantastic! Your daughters ring is adorable too - look at that little smile!!

  2. Good luck with this new venture Jen, you know how much I LOVE those rings ;)

  3. YAY! An Etsy shop!
    That purple one is to DIE FOR Jen...lucious. And the little tiny flowery ones are just too cute! Your daughter sounds like a sweetheart!

  4. Jen...your shop looks great! You may have just pushed me over the edge to open one too! (You know monkey see, monkey do!)

    Your daughter's rings are adorable! Isn't it just the sweetest thing when they say, "mommy can you make me a ring?" How can we say no? I have made 4 rings so far for mine!

  5. How fun is that photo?! So sweet. Good luck with your new venture - the rings look so professional. You really have a good eye!

  6. These rings are totally kewl! Nice job! Good luck in your new shop - I hope you sell a bunch!

  7. Oh wow, these are so fun! Best of luck in the new shop!

  8. Ohmy Goodness!! Those rings are adorable!! And you have such beautiful cards. You are so talented. Good luck with your Etsy store!!

  9. Gorgeous, Jen! I love the rings you and Amy make. I just may have to try making them for Christmas.

  10. Yay! Love your new creations! I don't wear silver but was so excited to see the ring with the dark brown wire. Definitely gonna order one, I just need to figure out my size and decide on a color :)


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