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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Mail Day!!

This is my 2nd post today.  Please scroll down to see the card I posted in a earlier blog post.  Thanks!! :)

This is just a post for fun!! I am so excited I just had to share with you!! 

First, my husband came home with the mail and there was a LARGE priority mail box for me.  He was wondering what I had ordered now...I honestly had no idea!!  What could it be in such a huge box? 

Then I saw the return label and I gasped!!  Here's what I found when I opened the box:

SEVEN PTI stamp sets (Rustic Branches, Simple Alpha, Holiday Wishes, and Borders/Corners - Circles, Rectangles, Oval and Squares) & FIVE pads (only one of them even opened!!) of PTI 6x6 patterned paper packs (Guide Lines, Everyday Blessings, Bitty Baby Blessings, Father Knows Best & Pink Patterns)!!  My friend Mary is getting out of stamping (which is so sad because she is one TALENTED stamper and I have always been a huge fan of hers!!) and she wanted to know if I wanted some PTI stamp sets she had...for free!!  Uh, yes!! Definitely!! :)  But, she was even way more generous than that!! This box was stuffed!! Here's what else was inside:

...rolls of ribbon, boxes of ribbon, hardware, brads, K & Co Patterned paper, stickers & an album & a Copic video. 

It was almost like she read my mind!! I mean, here I was just hours before I received this package trying to find videos on YouTube about how to use my Copic Sketch markers.  I had NO IDEA she was sending this to me...NO CLUE!!!  And, what's even funnier is that I had just looked at this video yesterday at Hobby Lobby and thought that I might have to purchase it sometime and here it showed up at my door unexpectedly!!  COOL!!!

Thank you SO MUCH Mary!! This was truly like Christmas!  I LOVE everything so much!! 

AND...if that wasn't enough I got another surprise too!  I mean this stuff just doesn't usually happen to me and now twice in one day!!

A few hours after that, my husband brought something else home to me.  A sweet lady from our church had brought this by for me...

What in the world is in there?  Well, when I opened it up...I was doing a happy dance!! :)

BUTTONS!!! Three containers FILLED with buttons!!  OLD buttons!!  WOW!!  Seriously, this is MY day for some reason!! :)

These cans of buttons came from a senior lady from our church who was at an auction and saw these and thought of me. Ahhh!! We had just had a conversation a few weeks ago about how I like to make button rings and use buttons on my cards, in my scrapbooks and in other misc crafts. Wasn't that such a sweet thing for her to do!? One day soon I'll try to upload some pictures of my button rings for you to see!

Here's a few that I quickly picked out as I was looking through the jars.  LOVE!!  As I went through these jars I just kept wondering where these buttons had come from and what their story was.  Was the lady who had owned these a seamstress or just a collector of buttons?  I wonder what others will think of my button collection when I'm gone.  What stories will they come up with about their previous owner?  Who will they imagine that I was and why I had so many buttons (as my collection grows)?  I only hope that they will enjoy my buttons as much as I have. 

Thank you Mary & Velma!!   Your generosity means the world to me!!  What a fun & exciting day you've given me! 

And thank you to my blog readers  for stopping by my blog again today and for allowing me to share my excitement with you!!


  1. What a banner day this is for you indeed! What a generous friend to 'give' you her PTI stuff. And I understand fully regarding the buttons. Some friends I work with at the thrift store, saved a box of very old buttons for me. It's like Christmas looking through them all. Have fun!

  2. What an exciting day! And what wonderful friends! rita w

  3. What a blessing- both the gifts and the friends!! Enjoy you new goodies!!

  4. Wow Jen!! It's wonderful that she gifted you some great PTI products and some other things. Very sweet of her. How fun! Now its time to show us some creative cards with you new gifts you received!!

    Also "thank You" for the comment you left on my blog the other day:)


  5. Wow! That is some package and the buttons are amazing. Enjoy!

  6. What a awesome day, Jen!! Looks like it definitely was Christmas for you - have fun and can't wait to see what you create with all that fun stuff!

  7. WOW THOSE are some serious goodies! Good for you!

  8. Awesome Jen! So excited for you. I know I would not be able to contain myself!

  9. What a great friend!! I bet it felt like Christmas :) Enjoy your new goodies!

  10. Wow! I can't even begin to imagine your giddiness with all those goodies! What great friends!

  11. You must be in heaven Jen! What an amazing day of happy mail for you. Those buttons are drool worthy, and your free PTI goodies are incredible!

  12. Wow that was a great day! You lucky girl :) Thank you for the sweet comment! If you ever get some free time I have weekly challenges for great prizes!


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