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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fabulous Party Favors

Be prepared! I have a lot of pictures for this post!! The colors are a little off, the pinks and reds don't always come out quite right on the photos, but you'll get the idea. I promise it doesn't clash in real life! :)

I recently entered a TAC contest called "Fabulous Party Favors". I didn't win but I really like the end result anyway and wanted to share the ideas with you.

The first thing I did was make a paper cone out of TAC's Catelynne paper. You might have seen this cones before hanging on doors or filled with flowers at a wedding. That is what I patterned this cone after. How cute would it be to go to a party and at place at the table to have one of these cones filled with goodies hanging on the chair?

Here it is hanging from a door. Sorry it is so dark. It's hard to see in these photos, but I used Cloud scissors to make the blue paper that is around the top of the cone scalloped.

Here's all of all the party favors together. There is a lip gloss, finger nail polish, emery board with toe separators (whatever those are called!!), and a jar of shimmering body lotion.

This is a closeup of the flower on the front of the cone. The scrapper's floss in the button is tied to look sort of like a tulip. I saw this somewhere and thought it was such a cute idea. A little different way to tie the floss.

I also stamped a flower image on the tissue paper to give it that extra charm.

On the lotion bottle, I made this accordion flower and then for the center of the flower, I took a white button from the Audrey Embellishment Jar and stamped an image from "Sweet Treats" in Claret Palette ink. Then, I poured clear embossing powder on it and heated it. I wrapped green ribbon around the button to make it look like leaves.

Here is the top of each of the favors.

I stamped the emery board and toe separators with claret ink and another image from "Sweet Treats".

The tag is also from the "Sweet Treats" set.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have a great day!


  1. This is toooo funny!! I had the same idea (the cone) to get in this contest! and when I picture it on my mind, I said to myself don't do it, Jen is going to do the same for this contest!! and now I see that you did it!! I am laughing out loud!! so crazy! and the other day I was trying to upload that same background to my blog, but didn't like how it looks with my stuff, in your blog looks AWESOME!!


  2. SO cute! A winner for sure in my book! Thanks for the great ideas!!

  3. These are beautiful Jen! I love those designer buttons too!

  4. Fantastic idea's Jen! I think your stamped buttons are so cool! Great details on all of your party favors!!! A Winner in my book too!

  5. I'm with Laurie: it's a winner. Very nice project. Sharon D.

  6. great ideas! Love these projects.


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