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Friday, September 4, 2009

Dimensional Pop Dots...A Lesson

If you have been following my blog for a while you'll notice something that almost everything I create has in common...pop dots!! I love adding a little dimension to my & scrapbook pages!!

Do you use pop dots? If not, or if you're just getting started, I wanted to share a few secrets on how to get the most out of them! TAC has THE best pop dots ever!! I have used lots of different kinds of pop dots and have never found any that I like more than these! They are just the right thickness and they don't "squish" and lose their dimension. I LOVE them!!

Here's what the sheet of pop dots look like when you get it. The sheet contains 100 circle pop dots:

I usually pop out all of the circles when I get them so that they will be easy & accessible when I need them. I store the pop dots in a little clam shell plastic box (the ones the smallest stamps come in). It is PERFECT for storing them. I always have the box close by so when I need a pop dot, it is easy to reach and get out the number I need.

Very rarely, do I use a WHOLE pop dot though. These pop dots are nice and thick, so unless I am applying them to a really BIG section (and it would have to be big), I almost always cut them in half or in fourths. It makes the pop dots go a LONG way. Sometimes when I am using them in my scrapbooks, I'll be a little more generous and use a complete circle, but even then, I don't always do that. Here's what they look like cut apart in half & in fourths.

After all the circles are popped out, you have a sheet that looks like this. Don't throw this away! Use this to get even more pop "dots".

Cut that sheet into strips like this:

Then, cut those strips into pieces like this:

You have just doubled or tripled your pop dot supply! These pieces work just the same, no one sees them on the finished project and they are perfect for lots of different places. You can cut them tiny for small areas (like flower petals) that you need to pop up, you can leave them bigger/longer for border strips, etc.

Here's a closeup of the dimension on the card above. I used 4 of those little pieces I cut. Basically, equivalent to 1 pop dot cut in fourths or maybe 2 circles cut in half.

I hope this post helped you if you are just starting to work with dimensionals! Have fun playing...I LOVE them!! :)

TAC Kraft, Brown & Ultrasmooth White Cardstock, L'amore Red, Haystack (on the background circles) & Burnt Umber Palette Ink, Scalloped Square punch, TAC Ordinary Greetings & Floral Fruits stamp sets


  1. I always do that with my pop-dot leftovers too! It's a great tip!!!

  2. I use every space of my pop dot holder too! I never thought of taking all the dots out though. Good idea. I'm going to do that. Thanks for the tip.

  3. hi Jen! i already cut my pop-dots, and use the 'left overs', but i had to write to tell you what an eye opener your suggestion for popping them all out of the backing first was for me! kinda a duh moment. it seems like i always have problems popping them out when i need to use them. ;) TFS your ideas!

  4. Ditto to Cat. I use them the same. Just that I never thought of doing that at once!!!! What a GREAT tip!


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