Monday, December 24, 2007

The NEW TAC Catalogue is HERE!!

I am SO excited!! The newest TAC catalogue is finally here!! I LOVE it!! The cover is gorgeous and there are so many new fun stamps, papers & accessories! I've made my wish list already and it is LONG!

We have 2 sizes of circle & square scalloped punches! I am in love with these things!! I think that you'll love them too! We have some beautiful new paper lines too!!

I'm going to show you some sneak peeks from the catalogue that are among my favorites!! All of the images are copyrighted by TAC. (By the way, it was very hard to narrow it down and this does not represent very many of the new stamp sets by any means!!)

Juliette Paper Pack $6.95 (Isn't this GORGEOUS paper???)

Floral Favorites (Set of 4) $10.95

There are several other sets, including an alphabet Level D hostess set, that use this same style. I LOVE these!!

Doodle Bugs (set of 10) $15.95 (aren't these bugs SO cute?? There is also a Build-a-Buggy set where you have pieces of bugs and you can build it however you want--even with different faces!!)

Sentimental Boxes (set of 9) $15.95 (I love these too! There are also several new sets that are similar to this design as well!!)

Date Disks (set of 12) $19.95 (wouldn't these be perfect for scrapbooking? or how about for birthday cards, anniversary cards or even party cards!!)

Well, that is a SMALL sneak peek of some sets that I am very excited about!! Don't forget, catalogues are only $5!


Anonymous said...

I love the snail!!!

Also, just wondering, Does Miss. Casti ring a bell?

Alley said...

Thanks for sharing the scans! I need to do that myself. Merry Christmas..

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