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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What can you do with a clay pot?

I saw the cutest project in a magazine that I recently bought called "Homegrown Hospitality" by Papercrafts. It is a magazine that gives you ideas for gift giving. The project that they made was "Terra Cotta Cookie Pot" and they took a small, plain clay pot, wrapped some cookies in cellophane and put them inside the pot and then they tied a ribbon around the pot to give as a gift. Very cute.

So, this made me wonder what I could do with a terra cotta pot and some stamps. How do you stamp something that isn't flat? So, what I did was inked my stamp with Palette ink and then laid it on the table. Then, I rolled the pot over the top of the stamp making sure that I rolled over the entire imagine so that I didn't cut any of the image off. It worked perfectly! The palette inks worked beautifully on the pot too!
Since this was just my first try I know that I can do it better next time and make the design even more interesting but I am happy with the result!
I am working on crafts for an upcoming craft fair and when I was at Target today I visited my favorite place in the store--the dollar spot! They had a cute little manicure set and a pack of 3 tiny finger nail polishes--just the right size for my tiny pot. I think that they look pretty cute in the pot! Now, when I'm ready to sell these I'll wrap them in cellophane, tie a pretty bow around it and stamp a tag to attach to the bow.
Simple project but a lot of fun! Just think of all the possibilities that you could do with these! You could give them as gifts, give them to hostesses as a thank you, have them as table favors or even use them at a class.
What can you put inside the pots? Candy, jewelry, nail polishes, lotions, foot scrub, cookies, etc, etc, etc... The list can go on and on and on!
Just one more way to incorporate stamped items into your home decor!


  1. Jen, this is so cool! Such a great idea; especially for a gift. You could put anything in it!

  2. Very cute, Jen! I just bought that magazine and love it. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Great project Jen! I love that magazine, and really hope they do another issue.

  4. I love it and I LOVE that magazine. I have a million things bookmarked! Loving your spinner cards to!


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