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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Masculine Spinner Card

April 1, 2013 Update:
Suzanne is hosting a blog hop with the Ugliest Card we've ever made.  Well, as I was looking through my blog, especially from wayyyy back I found some pretty awful cards.  But, none as ugly as this one that I gave to my husband for his birthday one year...prepare yourself, it is UGLY!

Today is my husband's 35th birthday. He made the comment that I didn't give him a card last year (shame, shame--but I did give him a gift) and so I made it a point to make him a cool card this year.

He is totally into race cars (used to race a dirt track car) and so I pulled out the new TAC "Cars" stamp set. I couldn't bring myself to use the actual race car in this set because we are not Ryan Newman fans and the car on the stamp is number 12. We're Jeff Gordan fans--#24!! So, I used the sports car instead and made this cool spinner card.

This is the first time in a long time that I didn't use exclusive TAC papers but I had bought these papers several years ago and since it was for my husband I decided that it didn't matter too much. The black and white paper that the car is "driving" on is a left-over piece that I made using the wax resist technique.

The fun thing about a spinner card is that the image actually spins across the card! It's so awesome! I always tease Dwight about crashing so I thought that it would be fun to put the car on a spinner. As you can see on this next photo, as the image makes its way across the card it spins around and upside down. It's so much fun!! And, it's easy to make!!

Of course I couldn't make just one spinner card. I had to make a pretty, girly one too! This one I LOVE!! It is made with one of my favorite new TAC paper packs called "Mia's Cottage". Isn't the paper gorgeous??!! This card uses 3 of the 5 papers in the pack. The flower spinner is punched out of one of the sheets of paper in this pack--my personal favorite! The striped paper underneath is another page from the pack and the bright pink background paper is also included in the paper pack.

I stamped a flourish from "Artsy Elements" in Claret Palette on the sides and the sentiment is stamped in Noir Palette ink and is from the "Little Things" set which is another one that I love.
As you can see the flower spins across this card too. These are just way too much fun!!


  1. Super cool cards, Jen. I like the "action" component!

  2. Great cards Jen! Do you have a tutorial for this style card?

  3. OMG, I am so cracking up, Jen! I am not gonna lie, this is one ugly card! (Thank goodness for husbands; they love any cards we make for them!!) To be fair, I think a lot of it had to do with what was happening in the card world in 2007. I think most of my older cards look ugly to me now!

  4. Oh, boy! LOL! Thanks for sharing. This is too much fun.

  5. You go with your spinner cards girl, LOL! That first one had quite a few brown highlights, doesn't it? Hee! It goes with the dirt racing theme and is very authentic, particularly on the left hand side of the card. But didn't your husband love it, though?! So glad you posted this, Jen, because I could never ever picture you making anything ugly EVER! :)

  6. Jen, I am laughing out loud! You have come a long way and I love seeing this...we've known each other for so long that this style just doesn't seem like "you" - the car image is kinda great for a guy card though! Thank you for linking up on the hop!


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