Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hello? Spring??

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Hey!! It is SO hot here in Kansas!! It is not suppose to be in the 100's and 90's in May already!  It might be a very long summer!

With that in mind, I am wishing and hoping and keeping my fingers crossed for Spring!  So, in the hopes that some cooler days will still come to visit, I have a Spring card to share with you that I made some time ago.

Hello Spring Bunny 1.1

I am so in love with these little bunny dies from Lil' Inker Designs!! They are the sweetest!!  I've previously shared some baby projects I made using them but they are perfect for all things Spring too!  Just this morning a girl came into the office at school and said that a dog was chasing a baby bunny and she had to scare the dog off to save the bunny.  I love the season which signifies new life!  

Hello Spring Bunny Side

I cut the bunny from a thick sheet of linen vellum and then embossed the sentiment.  I love how you can see the paper subtly peaking out from behind the vellum.  My friend she's the QUEEN of vellum...if you'd like to see what she does with this stuff, visit her blog here!

I hope that you are enjoying slightly cooler days in your neck of the woods!  Here's to some 70's!  (Fingers crossed!)  Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

Amy Kolling said...

Squee!!! I'm so happy that this card is at MY house!!! I just love the layout and of course the vellum but that you used your signature use of COLOR!!! Thanks for the shout out! xoxo

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