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Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Green Hello: Twinery Challenge #2

This is Jen from Jen's Ink Spot here today.  I am participating in the newest challenge from The Twinery!  The theme this time around is Chevron & Green!  You can find more information about this challenge and the great prizes you could win by visiting The Twinery blog post here.

I love chevrons and  I see them everywhere!  I also seem to have a thing for green lately too, so this was a fun challenge to play along with!

I started this card by making the twine chevron panel.  I'll explain how I did that below.  The chevrons are made out of two different green twines from The Twinery, one of which is a sneak peek of a new green shimmer twine that will be available very soon from The Twinery!  

I wanted to show you a quick tutorial on how to make your own chevron card panel.

I started my chevron panel by cutting a piece of cardstock to the size I wanted and then cut the small circles.  I positioned the circles so that they would make a chevron pattern. (I did this on my cricut, but you could easily do this with your Big Bite/hole punch or other similar tool.)

To make the chevron panel, I chose two different colors of twine.  In this example I have used two totally different colors of twine (also sneak peeks of twine coming very soon to The Twinery shop!) so that it is easy to see how I put this together.  I laced the first color through the top rows of circles on the diagonal.

Then, I went to the second color of twine and laced through the holes that went the opposite direction. When I had finished each strand, I tied the ends together so that it would hold nice & tight.  That's all there is too it!  You could create several different patterns using this technique.

Here's a closeup of the bottom panel.  You can see that one strand of twine is the Peapod twine and the other strand is the new Green Shimmer Twine that is coming soon!

Would you like to play along?  

Visit The Twinery blog post here for all the details and to find out how to win Twinery spools of your choice AND a gift card to Michaels!  You can also check out the other entries for lots more twine inspiration!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Jen this is so fun! I love how you did the stitching/chevron!

  2. I love this happy card! And oooh, green shimmer twine?! Love it!!

  3. knew I'd like this right? All you had to say was Chevrons!!! LOVE this!!!


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