Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Healing

Hello!  I wanted to share a card that I made a few weeks back!!

The gingham is stamped on muslin.  It really adds a cool look to the card in real life (this card looks so much better in real life).  The die cut out the muslin very well.  I sewed the square pieces on with my sewing machine to keep with the "home" theme of the muslin.     

The yellow piece was stamped with Thatched Straw VersaMagic ink.  I wasn 't sure if it would show up well on the muslin or not, but it really worked well.  The circles are buttons that I cut out with the PTI button dies and layered and tied with Twinery twine.

I also wanted to share a few things with you! 

First, I have a friend who started a new blog and she'd LOVE for you to visit her!  Here is the link to her blog!  Why don't you go and leave her some love and click to follow her if you'd like!   Her name is Sonja and her blog is called Makin' Cards!  Want to see a peak of something cute that she put together?

Isn't that so cute?  Be sure to visit her at her Makin' Cards blog!

Also, have you signed up for Swagbucks yet?  In just the few short weeks that I've been using this program, I've redeemed my points (mostly earned by searching the web) for $15 in PayPal!  I am so happy!!  That is basically "free" money for PTI! :) 

If you haven't signed up yet, what are you waiting for?  LOL!!  Click here to sign up now:

Search & Win

I also want to share a few easy ways that I get points every day (and periodically too)!

1.  If you have the toolbar installed on your computer, you automatically get 1 swagbuck every day.

2.  Go to the swagbucks homepage.  (Mine opens in a tab every time I use the Internet).  Click on "Trusted Surveys" in the menu on the left hand side of the page.  You get 1 swagbuck just for clicking on that tab. 

3.  While you are in the survey's page, have you filled out your profiles?  Just for filling in the profiles, you earn points, usually 5 per profile completed!! Simple, simple way to get points! (This is a one-time deal though so once your profile for each category is completed, you won't earn points for that again, but there are A LOT of profiles to complete and get points for.)

4.  Usually, right after I click on the survey's page and get my point, I click on the back button and go back to my main page.  Then, I click on the "Daily Polls" in the left hand menu.  This is so easy to do.  Answer the question with a click on a button and you earn another swagbuck point.  (So just by clicking on the survey tab and answering the poll question, in one month you'd now earn approximately 60 swagbucks!!)

5.  Click on "NOSO" in the menu on the left hand page.  This will bring you to a set of special offers.  You can click "skip" or "see another offer" each time, usually you'll go through about 6 pages or so, and at the end you will enter a code for another 2 swagbucks.  (Now you've just doubled your monthly swagbucks form 60 to 120 if you do just these 3 things!)

6. The easiest way to rack up my points is by searching the web!  I try to search once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once sometime in the evening (if I am home and think about it).  Usually it takes just a few searches to earn points.  I earn anywhere from 7 -12 points each time!  That is at least 21 points a day, but most often more than that!  Simple, simple way to rack up your points quickly!

7.  Down at the bottom of your page you will see "Complete Special Offers and Earn Swag Bucks".  Periodically (maybe once a week) I'll look through there for ones that say "2" under them.  These are typically videos that you can watch.  I'll start a video, finish doing what I'm doing and earn an easy 2 points.  Sometimes they will let you watch the videos over and over again and you'll earn more points for watching the same video.

8.  You can also earn points by watching Swagbucks TV.  I haven't done this for a while, but if you are trying to get lots of points so that you can redeem them for a certain prize, this is a way that you can earn points quickly.  Once you watch 10 videos (the animal videos are usually 30 seconds each!!) you earn points, although I can't remember how many right now.

9.  Swag Codes.  Periodically during the day, Swagbucks will release a code that you can copy & paste into the box on your swagbucks homepage that says "Enter Your Swag Code" (under your profile picture).  These codes are usually only good for a few hours, but if you find them when they are still in use, it is an easy way to get 7 or more swagbucks!

10.  One other feature that I check out from time to time is "Special Offers".  Click on that from the menu at the left again.  When you get to that page you will see tabs (under the advertisement).  Click on "Gambit".  Then you will see more tabs.  Click on "videos".  This will give you the videos that you can currently watch.  These are easy 1 - 4 points each!  (Again, I click to watch them and then go to something else and when I come back I have another point and can start the next video.)

I hope that that gives you some ideas on how to make the most of this program!

If you 'd like the link to sign up, click hereI'm going to add this swagbucks information to a page tab at the top so if you'd like to refer to it, it'll be easy to find!

Well, this post became very long! Sorry about that!! :)  Thanks for sticking with me!  I hope you have a wonderfully, beautiful day!


Michelle (abzzymom) said...

Cute card, Jen! Love the idea of stamping the gingham on muslim.

Thanks for the info on Swagbucks. I'm heading over there right after I visit your friend's blog.

Renee said...

Very cute and cheery card!
Love the colors you choose...
and gonna have to try those stamps on muslin!
Thanks for all the info on Swagbucks...
gonna check into it when I get caught up on a few other things.
I'm on the internet so much...
I may have to start putting the kids in paper clothes they can just wear and toss so I don't have to do laundry and it'll give me more time to cruise...:)

BethieJ said...

Jen this is DARLING!!
Will peek at your friends blog.. thanks for the swag bucks info.. was always wondering about what it was!
Have a GREAT day!

Amy Kolling said...

Jen that is such a beautiful card.....what a nice change to stamp on muslin. I'm glad to hear that the die did a good job cutting that shape.

Thanks for all the details on swagbucks! I have enough to get $5 for paypal right now! Yay! I'll check out some of ur other tips!

Thanks for giving me a new blog to view!! I'll check it out when I get home!

Monica K. said...

Very pretty card, Jen!! I love the stamping on muslin. It looks great!

kasia c. said...

I love the gingham stamped muslin. It gives sucha great texture. those buttons are fabulous too!

I will have to check out your friends blog, can't wait. :)

Diane Jaquay said...

I LOVE your card, Jen, the pinked gingham squares are darling! I think I have some muslin somewhere, I need to try and find it!

Lindsay said...

This is super sweet Jen! Love the stamped fabric. Thanks for the swagbucks tips! Always useful!

Ally said...

Well, just from your photos, I think this card is just so beautiful! So it must be absolutely fabulous in person. ;-)

This makes me want to get out some muslin, too!

Jen W. said...

This is such a sweet card! I love all the patterns and textures going on - it's like a cosy, old quilt!

Stephanie said...

Jen......Your card is just darling! I just love the little gingham swatches. Add those cutie buttons and it just perfect for a birthday. Lovely card!

Kristin said...

I love your card... never thought of stamping on muslin :-)

Sue Ann said...

The Muslin ROCKS on this card especially when you add the linen IP ......... I love the colors so bright and full of life!!! FANTASTIC!!

Chris said...

So nice! I was sure they were scraps of fabric...great design!

Suzanne said...

I totally want to case this, Jen!

Katie said...

Oh gorgeous! I love the use of the fabric...I bet this does indeed look amazing IRL!

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