Friday, January 23, 2009

Storing Punches

I have a love/hate relationship with punches! I LOVE to use them but HATE to store them! I've seen some cool ideas for ways that other people store them but just don't have the space that they have and so had resorted to storing them in a basket.

Four or five months ago, I purchased a curtain rod to hang my punches on, like I saw on someones blog, but it just didn't work for me. The punches kept falling over and so I went back to the basket method. Then, Laurie told me that she bought the cheap towel rod and that worked wonders for her. So, I went to Walmart, bought the $5 towel rod and haven't looked back since. I took some photos to show you, although they didn't turn out too great. At least you can still get the idea. I love having these punches in my sight and easy to access. If I can see my tools, I tend to use them more--although with the scalloped punches I don't seem to forget about them anyway!! :)

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