Sunday, October 12, 2008

Butterfly Bits & Cool Tools!!

Finally some cards!!

I can't wait to show you TWO new tools that I got. You'll love them!!

The first one is a simple little tool that you probably have several pairs of...but probably not THIS one!! The best's only $3.95 in the TAC catalogue!! What is it??

Scalloped Cloud Scissors!! Love them!! I would have ordered these LONG ago if I would have realized what gorgeous scallops they actually cut! And, what a bargain at only $3.95!

You can see the border on the card above that was cut using the cloud scissors. I also used beautiful Lavender stickles on the butterfly.

The second new tool that I want to tell you about is the Scor-Pal! You'll love this one too. It is on page 114 in the newest catalogue and retails for $41.95. This would be a great one to earn at 1/2 price and take advantage of double hostess benefits with orders of $100 or more through November 3rd!

I used this tool several ways on these two cards but the first way was just to score my card in half to fold. This made a very nice crease when I folded it in half.

On the next card, I used the "Circle Sampler" set to create a stamped scallop border. First, I started by scoring a line using my Scor-Pal to create a guide for stamping the circles. I tried to stamp each circle with the middle resting on that line. The first circle I stamped in the MIDDLE of the card so that each end would be as even as possible.

I then attached the matted green piece to the base and lined it up on my Scor-Pal again. I scored two lines on the top of my card. These lines are indented on the card because later I would use a glitter gel pen to highlight them. If I had wanted the lines embossed onto the card, I would have turned the cardstock over and then scored.

I then assembled the card and highlighted the lines that I had scored on my Scor-Pal with the glitter pen. Here's the finished card:

I had originally made 3 dots with the Souffle White Gel pen on the top corner of this card but I accidently smeared it before it dried. So, instead of discarding the card, I punched two holes in the corner and tied a ribbon through it. It wasn't what I had originally intended but I like the outcome better. Sometimes a mistake isn't all that bad!! Here's what it originally looked like:

The Scor-Pal can do all kinds of fun things. You can use it on cards and scrapbook pages and make ALL KINDS of boxes and fun items using cardstock. I'll try to make a few examples for you soon!!

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Anonymous said...

Very clever idea to line up your circles in that way. I just got my own pair of Cloud scissors and they are truly a wonderful scallop. Thanks for your tips!

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