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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Clipboards & A Note to Other TAC Angels!

To those of you who read this blog who are not demonstrators for The Angel Company, I'm sorry that most of this post will not apply to you! I'm sorry to bore you with the details that follow this project!!

First, let me show you a quick project (mini magnetic clipboards) that I made for a workshop a few weeks ago:

The paper is from TAC's Rustic Chic paper collection and the stamps are Distressed Designs (diamonds) & Dance With Your Spirit (words).

These clipboards are fun, easy and quick!!

A Note to TAC Demos:
If you read this blog and are a demonstrator for the Angel Company I wanted to let you know about a new website for Angels Only! First, let me say THANK YOU to the owners of A Shade of Blue, Anne & John, who have worked tirelessly to provide a resource for Angels in the last years. Their work is so appreciated and the resources that they provided through the Angels Only forum were awesome.

However, recently the Angels Only forum was retired. You can still continue to visit A Shade of Blue for great papercrafting ideas, a gallery of samples, cool people and fun resources. Basically, the only thing that has changed is that there will no longer be a place for Angels to discuss and find resources that pertain specifically to The Angel Company. So, a new forum has been created and was just launched yesterday!! Yes, it is VERY new!!

I found out about this new forum from a friend on ASB. The new forum is called "Paper Wings" and will be everything TAC! To visit this forum, click here. You must register to have access to all of the forums which include seminar talk, TAC resources, general discussions, information for new angels, business questions, ecommerce and AngelNet talk, etc. If you visit the site without registering you will still have access to general TAC talk, just not the "business" portion of the site. Registration is free.

So, if you are a TAC demonstrator, please stop by, register and join the fun! We are just now beginning to get the word out to other Angels!

At seminar time, which is only 9 days away, Angie will be posting updates about what is in the new catalog and what we learn and see! If you can't make it to seminar, you won't want to miss this!!

Thank you for your time! I hope that you have an enjoyable day!


  1. Thanks for the information. I'll go check it out.

    I love your projects. They look great as always!


  2. Oh thanks for this info! Those clips are soo cute!! :)

  3. Thanks for passing the site info along. I really want a good TAC site! I love your blog, I recommend it to people a lot :)

  4. I'm not a tac demo but this is way to cute! Great work, I love all of the "gifts" you make.


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