Sunday, May 6, 2007

How Much Difference Does Ink Color Choice Make?

Have you ever had an idea in your head and when you put it to paper it came out totally different than you had intended? Sometimes you like it and sometimes you hate it, right? Or, how about the times that you've seen samples made using a certain set but when you get and use it you just don't like the results? Been there, done that!! Sometimes the difference comes from the colors that we choose to use--either ink colors or paper colors. Those choices really can make or break a card sometimes.

Or, on the flip side, do you really like a card that you've made but you want to change it up a little? Try changing the colors!

I decided that I wanted to try a little "test". Last week, I made two cards that are almost exactly the same but they use totally different ink and paper colors. I used the stamp set "Blossom Builders" from The Angel Company (TAC) and the words came from the stamp set "Sail Away".

Each card is built the same. I tried to stamp the flowers and shapes in the same position. They are each stamped on white cardstock and adhered to a solid cardstock as the base of the card. Each card also has twill wrapped around each section and has 3 flower centers that were cut out with the coluzzle and then adhered with pop dots. The centers of those flowers have stickles on them.

Look at how totally different these two cards turned out even though they are made almost exactly the same way! That will give you an idea of how you can change a card just by using different colors of inks or papers. And, as a side note, changing the embellishments that you use on a card can also greatly change the way a card looks as well. Try using different ribbons or brads or other accessories. You might just surprise yourself with how it turns out!

I also took a photo of the "Bright" blossoms card from the side so that you could see the dimension that the pop dots add to the cards.

A quick note about twill. Did you know you can stamp on twill or ribbon to customize it? I found that twill was one of the easiest ribbons to stamp on and that the VersaMagic Chalk inks worked the best. The Palette inks (on the twill) bled just a little but the chalk ink went on nice & smooth and left a nice, crisp image. So, if you want ribbon with flowers but can't find what you're looking for, make your own! Want to add a sentiment to a busy card (like the ones here) but can't find a good place to put it, stamp it on your ribbon!

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Sarah said...

What kind of ink did you use on these cards? Great post- it was neat to see both cards with two different color schemes. Pretty cool!

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