Monday, April 23, 2007

Make Your Own Scallops!

Scallop punches are all the rage right now. However, they are very, very difficult to find. If you don't already own one and want to achieve that look, I can help! I figured out a way to mimic the look of the scallop punches. Granted, it isn't as easy as just punching the shape out, but it is still pretty simple and it looks great!

Here is a card that I made using a "scalloped" oval. The oval and the sentiment are on pop dots. The wings of the bee have crystal stickles on them and the flower and leaf are colored in using glaze pens. The black paper is stamped on using the TAC "Swirly" background stamp, the bee is from the "Seeds of Blessing" Hostess set and the sentiment is from the "Be" set. The paper is "Hip Hop" also by TAC. Directions on how to make this scallop are below.

Supplies needed: all are available through The Angel Company (TAC)
Coluzzle** (Cutting Mat, Swivel Knife, Oval or Circle Template)
1/2" Circle Punch
Red Lined Wonder Tape

**If you don't have a coluzzle, you can use a regular circle, square or oval punch in the size you would like or print out an oval from the computer, cut it out and use that as a template.

1. Take your coluzzle mat (make sure when you use your coluzzle that this is always under your project--this protects your knife from damage and also your tabletop)

A few notes about the coluzzle: I love this tool. However, it does take a little practice at first to get comfortable using it. Take a piece of scrap cardstock and practice cutting. To use, put your mat on the bottom, then the cardstock that you want to cut. Next, put your template on top of that. Choose which size you want to cut out. I take a sharpie marker and go around each oval or circle with a different color so that when I am trying to line the image or paper up, I know exactly where I am cutting and it is easier to see the lines.

2. Using the swivel knife, cut out the size of oval that you want to use on your project.

3. After you have finished cutting the oval with the swivel knife you will have 2 tabs on the sides of the cardstock oval that you will need to cut. The best way to do this is with a very sharp pair of scissors with a fine-point tip. This is to detach it from the cardstock and it will look like the oval shown at the left.

4. Take the 1/2" circle punch and punch enough circles to fit entirely around the outside of your oval. Use the same cardstock that you cut the oval from. For this size of oval I used approximately 15 circles. You can achieve the same look with larger scallops by using a larger circle punch.

5. Take the red-lined wonder tape (this stuff will hold everything! It is so sticky and strong!) and apply it to the outside edge of the oval.

6. Take the red-liner off of the tape and start applying the circles to the tape. For slightly different looks on other scallops that you make you can put the circles closer together, farther apart, hanging over the edge farther on your oval or farther in on your oval.

7. This is what you have when you turn the oval over. To finish the scallop off, take a piercing tool and poke little holes into the center of each scallop (shown on finished sample at the top of this post). Simple!


Jewels said...

Great idea, Jen! I love hearing about techniques that use things I already have!

Heidi said...

That is a great tip! Now if I need a huge scalloped circle or oval I can make one myself! I'm gonna link this to my blog if you don't mind! It's a great idea!

The Eller Family said...

Thanks for sharing! I live in S. Korea and am always looking for techniques I can use in lieu of hard to find tools. I shopped for a large scallop punch while I was in the states for Christmas but Joanne's and Michael's were out of Stock.

Mo Moss said...

Now this tutorial makes sense, Thank you I am fortunate enough to have the scalloped punches that are out right now, but, I do plan on trying this. It looks nice.

Anonymous said...

Some people are just sooo smart! WOW! That is awesome.

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