Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Fun Words With Letter Stamps & More

Think out of the box when using your letter stamps and the possibilites of what you can do are endless! Try using shape stamps in place of letters stamps on your cards. Here are some examples of what I am referring to:

Use the giraffe from the TAC Wild Animals set in place of the letter "A" for a cute & fun baby card.

Use a stem & flower for the letter "i" to spell hi. The "H" is from TAC's Alpha Grunge set and the stem & flower are from TAC's Tip-Toe. The paper is the from the TAC Genevieve collection.

Use a flower in place of the letter "O" when spelling love. The flower in the example on the left is from TAC's Pretty Posies set and the alphabet stamps are from Alpha Grunge in the Fall Supplement. The paper is also by TAC and is called Uptown Girl.
You can even try this with smaller alphabet stamps--just use a smaller flower for the "O".

There are lots of other options as well. Here are some ideas:

For the letter "O" use:
Flower, snowflake, Christmas ornament, balls, hearts
(words: love, joy)

For the letter "A" or "a" use:
giraffe, Christmas tree, pumpkin, balls, stars, angel
(words: baby, ball, fall)

For the letter "L" or "l" use:
Tall, Skinny Stamp
(words: hello, love)

For the letter "I" or "i" use:
Tall, Skinny Stamp
Bat or hockey stick stamp
wrench or screwdriver stamp
candle stamp
(words: hi, big)

For the letter "r" use:
hammer stamp

For the letter "s" use:
Snake or worm stamp

For the letter "t" use:
cross stamp

These are just a few ideas for the thousands of possibilities out there! Look at your stamps a new way and see if you might have a stamp that you could use in place of a letter the next time you are stamping. It's a lot of fun!!


Vicki Hook said...

Thanks for getting the creative juices flowing with this post. LOTS of great ideas here and I love all of your samples!

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing all those great ideas. I'll have to try some of them out.

Peg said...

Fabulous cards!! You're an inspiration!!

Jewels said...

I love your blog!

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